Words that start with D

The value of the letter D

The letter D has a low point value. Like all other letters, placing the letter D on certain squares on the game board can increase its point value.

Placing D on a double letter score (DL) square will double its point value for that turn. Placing it on a triple letter score (TL) square will triple its point value. Always try to go for these squares!

Words starting with letter D

There are many words that begin with D. Some common and useful words include "day", "dog", "door", "drink", "desk", "dance", "down", "drive", "dark", "doll", and so on.

However, it's important not only to look for words that start with the letter D but also for words where the D appears in the middle or at the end.

Try to strategically combine the letter D with other letters in your rack to form words that score high points. Think of prefixes and suffixes that can accompany D to form new words, such as "doorstep", "dinosaur", "downhill", and so forth.

Make strategic choices

If you can't use D to form a high-scoring word, consider playing a shorter word to change your rack and possibly create better options for your next turn.

Also, consider the position of your opponents on the board. If you see a spot where an opponent could play a high-scoring word, try to play defensively by blocking or disrupting that space with your own words.

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In this case there are 16508 words in total that start with D. There are 68 3-letter words that start with D. The 3-letter words with the highest scores on Scrabble are: dry , dux and dey . The words with the highest scores on Words with Friends are: dzo , dux and dex .

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