Words that end with U

Words with the letter U

The letter U is relatively less common in the English language compared to vowels like A, E, and O. Therefore, it's essential to strategically utilize U tiles to maximize their value on the game board.

Despite its scarcity, U carries a low base value. However, combining U with high-value consonants like Q, V, L, or D can result in significant scores, especially when placed on premium squares.

Making plays with U

There are a lot of two-letter words containing U that are acceptable, such as "MU", "NU", and "GU". These short words can be valuable for strategic plays, particularly when they allow you to utilize high-value tiles effectively.

Experiment with vowel combinations that include the letter U to form words. One example is, words like "OUT", "CUT", "HUT", "NUT", and "P

Extending words with the letter U

Utilize U to hook onto existing words on the game board. By adding a U to the beginning or end of a word, you can create new words while maximizing your scoring potential.

You might want to consider creating parallel moves with U to extend existing words either horizontally or vertically. Doing so could optimize your score by garnering points for several words in a single turn.

The letter U as a defense

Use the letter U strategically to block potential high-scoring plays by your opponents. Place tiles in positions that prevent opponents from accessing premium squares or forming longer words.

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In this case there are 380 words in total that end with U. There are 31 3-letter words that end with U. The three 3-letter words with the highest scores on Scrabble are kyu , ryu and you . The three words with the highest scores on Words with Friends are gju , jeu and kyu .

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