4 letter words

Making words with 4 letters

Look for words with common prefixes like "un-" or "re-" and suffixes like "-ing" or "-tion" to help you form longer words by attaching them to shorter base words.

Use letters like J, Q, X, or Z strategically in your 4 letter word to maximize your points.

Aim for a balanced mix of vowels and consonants in your 4 letter word to maintain flexibility for future plays and to increase your chances of forming longer words in subsequent turns.

Combinations with 4 letter words

Add letters to existing words on the board to form new 4 letter words, leveraging hooks at the beginning or end of words to extend your play and score additional points.

Think about how playing a 4 letter word can set you up for future plays or block your opponent's options. Placing your word strategically can give you a competitive edge.

Combine two shorter words to form a longer 4 letter word. For instance, "snow" + "man" = "snowman" or "bath" + "room" = "bathroom".

Words with common endings like "-ed", "-es", or "-ing" can help you form longer words or set up future plays.

Smart plays with 4 letter words

Consider how playing a 4 letter word fits into your overall strategy for the game. Setting up future plays or denying your opponent key spots can be just as important as scoring points in the short term.

Be cautious not to create openings for your opponent to exploit by playing a 4 letter word that inadvertently provides them with high-scoring opportunities.

Be open to rearranging your tiles or changing your strategy if a better opportunity presents itself during the game. Sometimes playing a seemingly low-scoring 4 letter word can set you up for a big play later.