Words that start with Z

The points of the letter Z

The letter Z has a high base point value. Placing Z on certain squares on the game board can increase its point value. Also make sure to place Z on a double letter score and on a triple letter score to increase the value.

The points earned with the letter Z can be increased by forming words that include high-value letters or by creating words with multiple layers of scoring. For instance, if you form a word like "ZOO", "BUZZ", "ZAP", or "ZIP", you not only earn points for the Z but also for the other letters in the word.

Make use of the Z

The letter Z is relatively rare in the English language, which means there are fewer words that start with this letter compared to more common letters. However, this can work to your advantage if you can strategically use it to form high-scoring words.

Try to place Z on premium squares on the game board, such as double or triple letter score squares, to maximize its point value. Pairing Z with high-value tiles like I, O, E, A, or U can also help boost your score.

Since Z is often paired with other consonants or vowels to form words, consider how you can combine it with other letters in your rack to create longer, higher-scoring words. Look for prefixes or suffixes that pair well with Z, such as "un-", "pre-", "-ing", "-es", or "-ed".

Play flexible and creative

If you're unable to form a high-scoring word with the letter Z, don't be afraid to adapt your strategy. Consider playing shorter words strategically to set up future opportunities or to block your opponent's moves.

Maintain a balance between vowels and consonants on your rack, including other high-value letters. While Z is a valuable consonant, having too many consonants or vowels can limit your word options.

Make sure to pay attention to your opponents' moves and anticipate their potential plays involving Z. Be prepared to block or capitalize on their moves to maintain control of the game board.

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In this case there are 1163 words in total that start with Z. There are 23 3-letter words that start with Z. The 3-letter words with the highest scores on Scrabble are: zzz , zex and zax . The words with the highest scores on Words with Friends are: zzz , zuz and ziz .

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