Words that start with O

The points of the letter O

The letter O has a low base point value. While it may not be the highest-scoring letter individually, its frequent appearance in words makes it valuable for word formation.

Placing the letter O on premium squares on the game board, such as double or triple letter score squares, can increase its point value. This strategic placement allows you to maximize your scoring potential by earning double or triple points for words containing the letter O.

High-Value Words

The letter O is a highly versatile letter that appears frequently in the English language. Its commonness provides you with numerous options for word formation, allowing you to explore various combinations and lengths.

O often serves as a component of common prefixes and suffixes in English words. Consider using it in conjunction with prefixes like "over-", "out-", or "under-" and suffixes like "-ing", "-ed", or "-tion" to extend your word and increase its point value.

Pairs and parallel words

O pairs well with other vowels to form words. Look for opportunities to combine it with high-value vowels like A, E, or I to create longer words that yield higher scores.

When placing O on the game board, consider how it can interact with existing letters to form parallel words. This technique allows you to maximize your score by capitalizing on multiple word formations in a single turn.

Play the game tactically!

Watch the moves of your opponents and anticipate their potential plays involving O. Strategically blocking or capitalizing on their moves can help you maintain control of the game board and gain a competitive advantage.

If you're unable to form a high-scoring word with the letter O initially, remain flexible and consider playing shorter words strategically to open up opportunities for future turns. Adaptability is key to success in word games.

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In this case there are 8809 words in total that start with O. There are 72 3-letter words that start with O. The 3-letter words with the highest scores on Scrabble are: oxy , oys and ony . The words with the highest scores on Words with Friends are: oxy , oxo and off .

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