Words by length

When playing word games like Scrabble and Words with Friends. Making two letter words are incredibly powerful in the game. Everyone knows the word EX, but other words like AX, OX, XI and XU can score up to 54 points. Just by using an X in the word. Two letter words like these can score just as much, and sometimes more, than a regular word.

What are the most common two letter words?

To, In and Of are the most used two letter words. The word Of can score up to 28 points if you place the word on a 3X square. The words To and In are good words to make to get duplicate letters out of your rack. This helps you to maintain a good balance between the letters in your rack.

Most used letter words

When playing word games like Scrabble, you will make three and four letter words most of the time. It's very worthwile knowing how to place these words onto tiles to make multiple words. Do this and you'll win games.